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The Pain Strikes Lyrics - Just Look Around

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the pain strikes, the pain ascends
too much to comprehend
come down, remove the breath
come down, remove what's left
loss of the will to live, the loss of everything

i know we'll say goodbye someday
goodbye said in an eternal way
too precious just to throw away
it's a waste, such a waste, what a waste, you know
i can't believe it's happening

the pain strikes, the pain's at hand
too much to understand
wind blow, remove the pain
wind blow, put out the flame

you won't admit to the pain you've submit to
you fight it every inch of the way
you don't deserve this, it's such an injustice
just watching you slip away

you on the other hand - pathetic i reprimand
you for all the things you believe
nobody wants to know what you're up to
when all you want to do is deceive

The Pain Strikes by Sick Of It All

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The Pain Strikes Lyrics by Sick Of It All