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The Heart Survives Lyrics - The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken

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When she turned away, you know it was just in time
Cause i'd used up all my strength
And you can't let a woman see you cryin
And you know it's real
She's not gonna change her mind
You choose not to change your ways
Though she begged you a thousand times
And you don't understand
And you want to be a man about it

In time you'll learn to live without it
And you know that you'll survive
But still sometimes you doubt it
If you can stand a little rain
You're gonna grow again
Cause you know that when love dies
The heart survives

Your stare at the empty walls
Inside of this vacant home
You walk through these hollow halls
And at night you sleep alone


You've been over it so many times in your head
Looking for a hidden message of hope
In something she said
Still you find nothing to make this bad dream end
Tell me, how many sleepless nights will you spend


The Heart Survives by Reo Speedwagon

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The Heart Survives Lyrics by Reo Speedwagon