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The Cause Lyrics - Punk In Drublic

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It isn't for the money, no it isn't for the fun
It's a plan, a scam, a diagram
It's for the benefit of everyone
You gotta have a little respect
Subterranean ideals
Traditional neglect
Reflect on how you think it would make you feel
The cause- we're just doing it for the cause
No it isn't for the fortune, it isn't for the fame
It's a scheme, a dream, a barterine
We want everyone to think the same
Because you know what you feel is right
And you feel what you can't ignore
And you try so hard to point the blame
Ashamed- what do we do this for?
The cause- we're just doing it for the cause (x4)

The Cause by NOFX

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The Cause Lyrics by NOFX