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Thats The Way Lyrics - Thug Mentality 1999

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Krayzie bone:thug mentality 1999

{prison gate buzzer, opening, and sounds of cell mates}
This is for the hustlas, hustlas...
That's the way that we hustle, cuz we struggle everyday... (pain) so much
This is for the hustlas, hustlas...
Come, follow me now back in the day/ we still was thuggin', nothin' changed/
Always into
Somethin', whatever, you name it/ young thug with my niggas is one love/ lil'
Bad-ass niggas
Sneaky, a calm, collected slickster/ i might not have been on the scene, but you
Can believe i was in
The picture, in the mixture/ sellin' yayo, scrappin', carjackin', gunpackin'/
I'm lackin' everything you
Can imagine so i'm prayin', rappin' they'd get me outta this jam, damn just give
Me a chance
I'll keep 'em dancin' (dancin') all night (all night) when times get harder and
Harder, my dreams got
Further and further away/ and nigga, i chased 'em, but couldn't catch 'em to
Save my life/ so now
I'm thuggin' on this corner/ i gotta increase my financial status/ i chanced it,
Fuckin' with these rollers
When they roll up/ yeah, don't wanna be locked in no cell, but i also can't take
And be broke with no mail/ oh, yes it's hell, and they say that gets easier
But to me it only got deeper and deeper...
Just turned 18 and caught my first case: incarcerated; caught wit a 12 gauge/
Tryin' to come up with
Some money and made a stupid-ass mistake/ could've been my niggas fate/ fuckin'
With shotguns
We out to rob some niggas/ i'm drunk/ i'm pumped/ i made a mistake and popped
Now he bleedin', i see blood/ damn, get to the doctor/ nigga, don't rest in
Peace/ doctor's took him
To emergency/ coppers came and arrested me/ not knowin' if my nigga had made it
Alive and was
Well, i tossed and turned in my cell; annoyed and sweatin' like hell/ praise to
The lord, and i hope
You hear me, and i hope you feel me/ i didn't mean to, really, really/ i didn't
Mean it/ i know you seen
It/ i finally spoke to my nigga/ he lifted up, and recovered, and pressed no
Charges/ wait, the state
Done picked it up, and i gotta trial in a month, fuck/ and the judge ain't
Tryin' to give me no love
Cuz it was my first offense, but he just thinkin' he lockin' up a thug (up a
So now i'm cuffed up on the bus (on the bus) and ridin' down '71/ ain't no
Now i'm locked inside this prison system, bitten, count days left on my
Sentence/ now i can say
That i've been here, but i sure ain't gon' come back here, uh-uh/ the day they
Release me i'm goin'
Home/ i can cope, but i can't adjust/ these fuckin' steel doors drivin' me nuts/
My last month
I'm ready to move out, i'm sure/ stay on the low; i listen to thug stories and
Be trippin' on niggas
Love stories/ i'm fin to get out of this muthafucker/ heard 'em call out my
Name; 2-50-2-2-58
"pack up your shit. it's your day" jumped out my bunk/ give all my shit to my
Niggas/ in fact,
I left everything that i had back in jail but my raps/ i'm on the streets now/
Scene unchanged
Niggas still the same/ i ain't fuckin' with you bustas cuz i'm tryin' to make a
Change/ i got with the real
Dogs, and we was schemin' on the mill, y'all/ so we had to chill on y'all/ get
Out of cleveland
If we planned to achieve it/ so we planned it with eazy on greyhound and now we

Thats The Way by Krayzie Bone

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Thats The Way Lyrics by Krayzie Bone