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Thank You Girl Lyrics - Bring The Family

You're a little on the thin side
But that's alright
You stood by me baby
When i didn't think we'd ever see daylight

Rolled out of california
Like a couple of thieves
Now we're rolling in clover babe
We didn't read this in no tea leaves

My fate was sealed before i met you darling
I was halfway down a shallow grave
So little room for you to catch me falling
Still you took the little love i saved

I wanna thank you girl
I wanna thank you girl
I wanna thank you girl
I wanna thank you girl

It's a matter of opinion
But i think you're fine
As a matter of fact babe
They couldn't hold a candle to your kind

If all men are equal
This must be against the law
'cause i can't help but feeling
I'm one up on my brother when night falls

'cause in your arms i get the real love story
No fairy tale from somewhere back in time
In the dawn you're like a morning glory
Opening up for my sweet light to shine


Thank You Girl by John Hiatt

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Thank You Girl Lyrics by John Hiatt