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Testify Lyrics - False Smiles

I've been cheating myself for too long
living as if I was going nowhere
and I know it's wrong
I've been fighting myself for too long
I try, really try to keep my head up high
and I know it's wrong, and I should really know better
but it's been so long.

I know, How I feel
but I'm afraid to show it
inside it's so real, and no one else would know it
the whole truth, and no lies
cutting deeper I can hear my soul cry
come on testify
come on testify

I've been lying to myself for too long
silence... was my only comfort
and I know it's wrong but I can't change the weather
it's been too long


To the friends that I lost on the way
To the friends I've been pusing away
You could say I've made it but I'm jaded
and inside i'm falling


I've been fighting myself for too long
and ive been hating myself for too long.

Testify by Amy Studt

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Testify Lyrics by Amy Studt