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Telling Me Lies Lyrics - Trio

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They say a woman's a fool for weeping
A fool to break her own heart
But i can't hold the secret i'm keeping
I'm breaking apart
Can't seem to mind my own business
Whatever i try turns out wrong
I seem like my own false witness
And i can't go on

I cover my ears, i close my eyes
Still hear your voice and it's telling me lies
Telling me lies

You told me you needed my company
And i believed in your flattering ways
You told me you needed me forever
Nearly gave you the rest of my days

Should've seen you for what you are
Should never have come back for more
Should've locked up all my silver
Brought the key right to your door

Repeat chorus

You don't know what a chance is
Until you have to seize one
You don't know what a man is
Until you have to please one

Don't put your life in the hands of a man
With a face for every season
Don't waste your time in the arms of a man
Who's no stranger to treason

Repeat chorus

Telling Me Lies by Dolly Parton

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Telling Me Lies Lyrics by Dolly Parton