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When she was leaving, she didn't make much sense
She said before i go, just give me one last kiss
I'd tried to tell her
That it would only add to the pain
That's when those tears started to rain
As i look back i see mistakes we made
But i never thought, that we would lose our way
I tried to hold her
I tried to persuade her to wait
But those leavin' tears are always too late

I'd hate to try and count the tears that fall
Maybe you should never count tears at all
Something was lost and we never found it
No matter how hard we tried
And it seems that there's no way to get around it
When tears tell you goodbye
Tonight i saw her, i didn't know what to say
I just tried to smile, but had to walk away
I turned to tell her ˇ°i love youˇ±
But she had faded into the rain
Now those lonely tears are all that remain
Now those lonely tears are startin' over again
Lonely tears,lonely tears

Tears by Roy Orbison

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Tears Lyrics by Roy Orbison