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Take My Hands Lyrics - ...you

Come on little darling be mine
Is it true that you worry
About the things i do for you
I will always be on your side
So just move a little closer
And everything will be alright

Take my hands
Won't you take my hands
Darling, take my hands - and fly away

Does anybody know how i feel
Finally we can make it
I lead you to a brighter day

Every time i look in your eyes
My heart is beating faster
I never ever tell you lies

Can i hold you in my arms tonight
And i'll be everyone you need
Words cannot express the way i feel
I want to give you all the love that i've got
If you take my hands

Music: michael b. & di lorenzo & sasha
Lyrics: michael b., di lorenzo & sasha

Take My Hands by Sasha

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Take My Hands Lyrics by Sasha