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Sweet Little Sheila Lyrics - Romantic Dreams

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So sad....
Watch good love go bad
Smoke from a distance
Fire burning me
Oh, babe, the heaven can't wait
I need these hints
I'm feeling.....my heart is appealing

Sweet lady sheila
Do you ? do you really want me ?
Sophisticated lady want me
Sweet little sheila
Do you ? do you really love me ?
She's a different baby to me

I only want sheila
Oh my sheila
Oh, she's precious
Like the sun
I only want sheila
Oh, my sheila
Oh she's foolish
And most fun

Oh, babe
For the promise you made
Be careful they've got storms - you're afraid
Oh, babe
Don't say it's too late
Words can't express my feelings - being

Sweet Little Sheila by Modern Talking

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Sweet Little Sheila Lyrics by Modern Talking