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Star Lyrics - Gentleman's Blues

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Am-c-f-g-am-f-g (ending:am)

Gonna make you a star
And show the world your green, green eyes
See your smiling face
Everywhere, everyplace

We could turn it upside down
We could turn it inside out
We'll give you everything
Things that you'd never need,
Things that you'd never dream
Things like eternity
Gonna make you a star

Make you a star
Make you a star
Gonna make you a star
You stare down at the emptiness
You shake us from our poisonous
Slumbering and stuttering
So start and stop the fall
?coarse masses? down the hall
We'll blow you through the door
Into a million bits
We'll reassemble it
That's how we'll make a hit
Gonna make you a star
Make you a star
Make you a star

Star by Cracker

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Star Lyrics by Cracker