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Stand And Fight Lyrics - Dad Loves His Work

Lonely hearted hunter don't say nothing
The hunger and the hurt
Got only one law
Never mind your words
Unseen, unheard, unsung, undone
Ain't bot one place left to run

Stand up, stand and fight

Undercover creature that don't see sunshine
Make it in the dark
Don't think twice
Never mind making nice
Black eyes, black sights, black magical rites tonight
There comes a time, babe

Stand up, stand and fight

Don't you worry 'bout me little darling
No, i ain't breaking
I'm shaking and aching
'cause i can't stand waiting
There comes a time to stand and fight

Maximum destruction
Blood red deadheads
Tearing it up, wearing it down
Never mind my name
I'm unclaimed, unnamed and unashamed

I'd like to say
Fan the flames
Stand and fight

You ain't doing nobody no kind of favors
Lying around like a rug on the floor
Sooner or later you've got to stand up
And say you won't take it any more
Stand up, stand and fight

Stand And Fight by James Taylor

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Stand And Fight Lyrics by James Taylor