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Somewhere Lyrics - Badmotorfinger

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I wish to wish I dream to dream
I try to try and I live to live
And I die to die and I cry to cry
But I know why
Somewhere in my dreams
Things that should
Still the willow weeps
On roses for the dead
In laughs of love
From the likes of her
To the time of me
Like to moon to earth
Or the sky to sea
Only we're no longer
Allowed to be, to be
Somewhere in the dreams
Of those who should
Live in all the keeps
Echo all the worlds
In laughs of love
For times that pass my life
I'll search for the sky
That she wanders by
Somewhere in the dreams
That the skies hold
Still the willow weeps
On roses for her bed
In laughs of love

Somewhere by Soundgarden

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Somewhere Lyrics by Soundgarden