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Something's Wrong Lyrics - Psycho Candy

Sung by jim

Another day goes by me
Another day of life without you
And as i look around me
I feel so lonely there's noone
Noone here beside me
Noone here to help to see me through
To see me through
To see me through
Cause i need you
Cause i need you

Been standing still for much too long
And i realise there's something wrong
I'm feeling strange, i need a change
And i realise that there's something wrong
There's something wrong
There's something wrong

Another two years over
Don't understand what's happened to me
These days are so much colder
Up against the fire, dont feel any heat
Cracked up years behind me
Cracked up years ahead are all i see
Are all i see

Something's Wrong by Jesus And Mary Chain

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Something's Wrong Lyrics by Jesus And Mary Chain