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Solex feels lucky Lyrics - Solex Vs. The Hitmeister

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And I think once about you, like I should, and
I feel so lucky too. Like you, I don't feel at
ease so easily. It's so easy to walk on, ...and
put up the collar of my jacket. The more I
show, the more I go. We're both anxious to
say hello. Just put every story between
brackets. So I turn my back and scrunch up
into an awkward position too, somewhat
unnatural too. Well I really wish we felt closer
to each other too. I thank you for having me
around but wouldn't it be better if we just
wrote, and make up some kind of anecdote
to make up for each one I forgot.

Solex feels lucky by Solex

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Solex feels lucky Lyrics by Solex