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Slit My Wrist Lyrics - Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls

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Paranormal chicken geek
Drugged up superstar fiend
Genderbending galactic freak
Sci-fi lobotomy

Exorcism, circumcision
Horrifying gruesome scene
Bloodsuckers, a motherfucking
Brain dead neurotic fiend

Sick, get sick on this
You motherfuckers make me
Wanna slit my wrist
Sick, so sick of this
I wanna slit my wrists

A basketcase stitched-up face
Be all you can be
Chiller, killer, monster thriller
Trigger happy zombie

Radiation, masturbation
Infect the other human beings
Supersonic, chronic, vomit
Barbed wire cock ring
Murder, murder, yes indeed
Murder, murder, yes indeed

Slit My Wrist by Murderdolls

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Slit My Wrist Lyrics by Murderdolls