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Silver Bird Lyrics - Flying

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This morning as i walked, i gazed out across my land
Lying there all still lying there upon the sand
A big silver bird had planted itself into the ground
And being the kind of person who isn't very easily alarmed
Decided to take a walk to see just what i could find
Walked around the walls, tapping to find me a door
Looking for a windows to see if i could find out more
Big silver bird let me inside your plane
Want to fly so high fly me high, away

All of a sudden the door slid back and someone was there
A strange kind of being spoke to me in my tongue
"step inside, weŽll take you away in our plane
WeŽll fly you so high, youŽll never have the chance to complain
To leave this earth, never even (???) ...
Stepping inside i fixed myself into a seat
Holding on, lord, i heard them engines start to beat
Big silver bird let me inside your plane
Want to fly so high, fly me high away

(instrumental part)

Silver Bird by Ufo

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Silver Bird Lyrics by Ufo