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Shinola Lyrics - Swing To The Right

I have been ringing your doorbell,
But you left me standing in the hall
And you make love by the numbers,
That doesn't mean there's any love at all
Now there you go with a big explanation
Why do you waste your time?
And there you go, under estimation
Of the thoughts that cross my mind
This is your promise that you put up for sale
It's done like a picture from a fairy tale,
But still there's a difference, let me show it to you,
This is crapola, this is shinola

I see you're still in the headlines
You pegged the latest trend again this week
I'm not impressed by the outfit,
Or your revolutionary chic
And here it comes,
I see you forming the words, you're performing the exercise
And here it comes,
It's the feeling that i heard the same speech a hundred times
This is the jabber of a chimpanzee
The motion of your mouth looks much the same to me
The differentiation might be hard to see,
But this is crapola, this is shinola

Everyone's talking, few of them know
The rest are pretending, they put on a show
And if there's a message i guess this is it
Truth isn't easy, the easy part's shit

And here it comes,
Now i'm forming the words, i'm performing the exercise
And here it comes
It's the feeling that i've made the same speech a million times
These are your leaders, come on take a look
They'll lie and cheat and steal then sell the rights to the book
And these are your neighbors who have swung to the right,
But you don't have to worry just as long as you're white
And my generation is just waiting to die
We'll swallow anything if it would just get us high
I don't know who's a bigger fool,
But one thing i know
This is crapola, this is shinola

Shinola by Utopia

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Shinola Lyrics by Utopia