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Seven Deadly Sins Lyrics - Good News From The Next World

Ever felt that you've been lied
And somehow you just can't provide the proof
Ever felt you're cast aside
And sheltered from the universal truth
Ever find when trouble calls you're first in line
And stick your finger in

Everybody's talking 'bout 7 deadly sins

Number one says drop the gun
There's nothing out there that's worth dying for
And number two that's me and you
I'm green inside and jealous to the core
Number three fidelity i've lost the path
And i'd better start again

This thing's got a strange mystique
The 7 deadly sins
This thing's got the whole world beat
7 deadly sins

I can hear them calling out
I can hear them screaming out

Blood is sweet like a deep red river
And where it goes i don't know
You make me sweat
And you make me shiver
Where it goes i don't know

If you've got sticky fingers
You got dreams that linger running through your brain
Well vanity's the flying "v"
Desire is the one who gets the blame
If you're looking for a goldmine
When all around you seems be tin

I'm not superstitious 'bout the 7 deadly sins

Everybody's calling out 7 deadly sins
Everybody's dreamin' 'bout 7 deadly sins

Written by : kerr/burchill reproduced without permission

Seven Deadly Sins by Simple Minds

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Seven Deadly Sins Lyrics by Simple Minds