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Ruthies knocking Lyrics - Limbo

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Ruthie's knocking
Oh my God
Who's she talking to?
Not a clue
Now she's shouting
I'll be on the floor
You go get the door

Just had to make sure you knew
That's a jack-o-lantern moon
Don't look in the mirror
Or he'll look back at you

Ruthie take a shower
I smell like a flower
Your cats smell better than you do
Her cats are pretty cool

Where's he now?
He's on the floor
She flips off the window
And spits at the door
My advice is twice what he's worth
The moon'll get him first
Mark my words
The medicine chests are backwards
Don't be surprised
If you have flaming eyes
Tonight, tonight
Yeah tonight
Ruthie's eyes are bright

Ruthie's spine is taped with feathers
They're all mine
They grew
So you see them too.
Ruthie, yeah
Your brain she's fried
You should see my mind

Dance around
Play around
Fool around
Walk around
Run around
Jump around
Fool around
Be around

Ruthies knocking by Throwing Muses

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Ruthies knocking Lyrics by Throwing Muses