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Road To Ruin Lyrics - March March Along

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They're playing deadly games
By dumping toxic waste
Pollution everywhere
More disease, more cancer
Corporations are killing us

Just so they can make more profits
Instead of disposing waste properly
They cut their costs and dump it in the sea
I went down to the beach
Medical waste under my feet
Raw sewage oil spills
Poisonous chemicals
Big business and the media go hand in hand
So they make it seem like it's not so bad
Another example of the corporate lies
Money is more important than human lives, its sick
When will they realize money istheir cancerous disease
They are poisoning us with their own self greed
People invent different ways to power cities
Oil companies wouldn't needed
They won't let this happen
So they buy up patents and lock them away
Shit like this happens everyday
It doesn't matter we're destroying the earth
They just want their money so profit comes first
Nuclear waste radiation
Are just minor complications
The cancer rate is rising more people are dying
Boards of industry are tied to research
They cover up facts they don't want us to see
The death toll from populations on the rise
This is something they keep trying to deny, it's sick
When will they realize money is their cancerous disease
They are poisoning us with their own self greed

Road To Ruin by Naked Aggression

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Road To Ruin Lyrics by Naked Aggression