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Raised On Radio Lyrics - Raised On The Radio

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Stagger lee, can you do the locomotion
Lucille i hear you knocking but you can't come in
Rockin' robin, c.c rider,
A rama lama ding dong
Let the good times roll
My sweet sixteen
I'm maybelline

The great pretender
Returned to sender
I wonder why fools fall in love
Yeah, louie, louie, loves drive-in movies.
Johnny angel rocks around the clock

Mister d.j. make a dedication
Cause i'm all shook up over peggy sue
I'm mister blue,
The hits keep rockin' station to station
In the midnight hour in the sea of love
My turtle dove.
When i found my thrill, on blue berry hill,
We wrote love letters in the sand.
Be bop a lu la,
She loved me tender.
Jungle lion sleeps tonight

Radio, radio
We're all raised on radio, radio
I love my radio
Radio, radio,
Radio, radio

Raised On Radio by Journey

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Raised On Radio Lyrics by Journey