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Rainy Day Lyrics - Go And Ask Peggy For The Principal Thing

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(hinkel / freudenthaler)

The porridge's been good
The marmalade too
I take another slice of bread
The bacon is hot but i don't mind
Too long i boiled the egg
I'm still a little tired,
My bones are weak
Another day off i take
I guess the sun had the same idea
And now we have a break

It's a rainy day, a rainy day
But i love it
It's a rainy day
The water comes down
But i love you

Milkman mr miller
Is ringing my bell
Do you take a litre or two
But i don't wanna drink his milk today
I feel fine without it too
He steps into a puddle by going away
I hear him swearing at
The forecast promised high pressure today
And now he's getting wet

It's a rainy day, a rainy day...

Rosalie maclovely is waiting for a cab
In the middle of the pouring rain
Old bold head macarthur is waiting
For his hair to grow again
Once upon a time he was a curly head
But all those days are gone
And now he's looking like a fireball
When he gets into the sun

It's a rainy day, a rainy day...

Rainy Day by Fool's Garden

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