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Rage Against Time Lyrics - Muse Sick-n-hour Mess Age

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Gary g-wiz - ridenhour - studdah man

Microphone check
Microphone check

Can i get a check up from the neck up
Can i kick a rhyme
While i'm checkin my time
Can i get a cure
Cause you did da crime
For sure

Probably killin me
Wit these shots

Tell me what i got
An i'm gone

Who did it
Right who did it
Thats who did it

Who/world health organized

Came to the aid got paid

Doctor doctor in a lab
Concocted a germ warfare to the botty
I rocked it

105 million goin down
In da ground

Most in da black an da brown

How did i catch this riddle
If i didn't crossover
Like a hardaway dribble

They blamed it on some
Green african money

Now ain't that funky

While da clock
Iz doin da tickin & tock

I didn't know

Dat da guns aimed & cocked

Were runnin outta
Rage against

Testin 1 - 2
Testin 1 - 2

Can i get a blood check testin 1 - 2

Can i get a witness/?yes you can
Can i get a witness?/yes you can

Then check it

I'm checkin records and facts
About da battle
To da indian, japanese
Whites and blacks

Germs they spread it
Warfare i read it
Quote me on this yes and i said it
Bet it

Bigger damage than the trigger & glocks
Mass murder in mass from a
Blanket full a small pox

No guarantees gettin lesser fees
In tuskegee blacks got shot
Wit disease

Please check da time
C'mon check da rhyme

Tribe a mine killed by da swine

Who crossed da line?
Who did da crime

The mind of a world destroyin kind

Were runnin outta
Rage against time


Rage against time speech on slow down

A lil piece of mind
While we runnin outta time
People of color
Goin out like no other kind
Madd drama genetic gettin wreck
Protect da neck check the epidemic
Drug use addiction & murder
I heard a pregnancy
Infant mortality
Rest in poverty
Not piece
Disease till deceased
That beast
So heres a word to the wise
We're runnin outta

Rage Against Time by Public Enemy

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Rage Against Time Lyrics by Public Enemy