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Pride Lyrics - General Admission

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Itís been said you should measure a man when heís been kicked down.
Well this man knows the ways of life on the underground.
Now passing him by donít you know wonít hurt his pride.
Now sympathy ainít what he needs to heal his cries.
So load up on your intuition, itís telling you right.
Donít care about his situation, heíll be eating good.

Now things are looking up for him
Donít forget me now old friend.
Got you through the hardest times.
I know youíll be doin' fine.

Itís been said you should give your life for another man.
Well all right nowís your only chance weíd all understand.
Until youíre walking in his shoes donít be knocking?him down.
When youíre looking over your shoulder heíll be coming around.
So donít put him though an interrogation, heís got nothing?for you.
Let him walk on by in this so-call nation, heís just passing.

Pride by Pat Mcgee

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Pride Lyrics by Pat Mcgee