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Poisonous Garden Lyrics - Bloodletting

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The stars above shine down below
The fever you hold on this night
Deathly cold
I can feel from this side of the door
I can feel eleanor

He said, sun don't rise...
He said sun don't shine
He said don't bring tomorrow
To justify tonight
The moon is full - the stars are bright
And the sky is a poisonous garden

Sip your tequila. give me some time
To unlearn all i've learned for the
Spring to unwind
And then came your sweet gentle mouth
I began to move mine.
They knew with the dawn -
They knew with the day
They knew what they had
Would be young naked prey
And attacked from all sides
By a world filled with
Poison and hate

Eleanor trembles, eleanor moans.
Somehow, this body is someone
She always has known
She cries tears on his chest
O so silent and slow -

She said please don't do. please don't go -
And she cried and she died in his arms
And he cried nevermore
The moon is full, the stars are bright
And the sky is a poisonous garden

Poisonous Garden by Concrete Blonde

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Poisonous Garden Lyrics by Concrete Blonde