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Pins And Needles Lyrics - Behind The Scene

(janis carnes, rick carnes, chip hardy)

Pins and needles
Needles and pins
One by one i feel them at my heart again
I think i'm getting over you and then
Pins and needles
Needles and pins

I don't know why
I get uneasy
Every time i hear your name
I feel a sting from every memory
That we made

Repeat chorus

That tiny ache
Can always find me
Anytime that you are near
Those little things
Can still remind me
That you don't care

Repeat chorus
(pins and needles
Pins and needles
Pins and needles
Needles and pins)

Pins And Needles by Reba Mcentire

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Pins And Needles Lyrics by Reba Mcentire