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Over And Over Lyrics - Zebop!

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Watcha gonna do with your life
Now that i'm leaving
Are you believing
You'll make it on your own

Didn't you believe what i said
Or was it just madness
Living in sadness
You'll be all alone

I said it over and over
At least a hundred times
I have what you been missing
Look back and you may find

Now it's time to walk out the door
It's all been said now
I'm looking ahead now
Time to be moving on
Yes, i told you so many times
But you didn't listen
You can't see what you're missing
What you never had before

I could have loved you
Like there was no tomorrow
It didn't really matter
If you stole my love or borrowed
You know i could go crazy
But i just can't remember
Exactly how to go there
And keep this love forever

Over And Over by Santana

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Over And Over Lyrics by Santana