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Only The Strong Survive Lyrics - Only The Strong Survive

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You may not know this but you are everything you've ever needed.
Heaven with a touch of new york. silver with a touch of gold.
And i can see where you're goin', but i don't really know the way.
It's got too many changes, too much rearranging,
Too many ways to go astray.

So if you wanna go, let me go along
I never walked that road alone
I heard it was hard
I heard it was long
But we'll come back alive
'cause only the strong survive

You walk on a wire, make a game of desire, pitchin' pennies down a wishing well.
You're leading the blind through there high and low times, but baby can you lead yourself?
So calm down, honey, forget about the money. if you need me i'll always be there.
Go ride your high horse alone of course
'cause if you need me i'll always care

Only The Strong Survive by Reo Speedwagon

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Only The Strong Survive Lyrics by Reo Speedwagon