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Old Man River Lyrics - Unlimited

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(ronny scaife, danny hogan)

Cool breeze on the river
Ripples to the shore
Wash away my troubles
To the sea forever more
Wind and willows whisper
Sadness is the sound
Tell the tale of my wants
Happy world that's falling down
Old man i might be going where you're bound

Old man river
I've come to talk again
Yes i know you're tired
Cause your journey never ends
He's just like you
He's moving all the time
And i think he's moving me out of his mind

I want to travel with you
In your deep and nimble soul
That's the only way to make it
Peaceful like before

We used to touch at midnight
But now i feel he's gone
Even though he's lying next to me i feel alone
Oh man it looks like i'm to travel alone

Repeat chorus x2

Old Man River by Reba Mcentire

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Old Man River Lyrics by Reba Mcentire