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Oh Boy Lyrics - King Of Yesterday

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I've seen you in the magazines and i'm really glad you're famous.
It never meant that much to me but now i understand.

The way you walked away from your commitments and your promises.
You know how to play the game you'll never know the way to be a man.

Oh boy you'll never be the man now.
Oh boy, you want to be a star, yeah.
Oh boy, you're only peter pan now.
And you depend on everyone to tell the world exactly what you are.

Well 26 has come and gone, more quickly than it came to you.
Everything you've done before is only in the past.

Well, you should keep a gun nearby, i hope you get the courage.
Dying young is the only way you're ever going to last.


You've been fucking for fame since you were 16, everybody knows.
Stolen kisses, something's missing, hey man come or go.

I'll see you at the show.

Oh boy, i see you with your friends now.
Oh boy, pretending you're a star, yeah.
Oh boy, there's no way you can hurt me now.

Ignorance is everything and you've revealed exactly what you are.

You're not some rock star.
You're not some rock star.
You're not some rock star.
You're not some rock star.

Oh Boy by Jude

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Oh Boy Lyrics by Jude