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Nothing But Time Lyrics - Running On Empty

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(by jackson browne & howard burke)

Rolling down 295 out of portland, maine
Still high from the people up there and feeling no pain
Gonna make it to new jersey, gonna set it up and do it again

I got a bottle of wine (pass it over)
I got a broken white line (i'm still sober)
There ain't nothin but time between this silver eagle
And that new jersey line

Well it's a rock and roll band or a movie you can take your pick
And it ain't bad work if you can get it
But you gotta make it stick
But getting any kind of sleep on this rolling motel--that's the trick

It's just a bottle of wine (pass it over)
It's just a broken white line (i'm still sober)
It's just a whole lot of time in the twilight zone
Between me and these friends of mine

Nothing But Time by Jackson Browne

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Nothing But Time Lyrics by Jackson Browne