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Nothing But Skin Lyrics - A Thought Crushed My Mind

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I put on my stinking coat again
But that so much rain would come from inside
I didn't understand
I could always protect me
But I couldn't protect me from this
That all of this was just a death kiss

Just one silent word and I'm whole again
You said it

Look at me now
I'm hardly moving
It's only You and me now
It's only You
I scream but the walls suck my air

I look at my arms resting on her back
They can't be mine they look more dead than alive
I hate that I own the ability to not get back on track
I wet her hair and they still look more dead than alive

To be allowed to break into a thousand pieces
In her arms and in Your hand
Can't even form my lips to say Jesus
But I thank You for knowing where I'm supposed to land

People say I should eat more, boy they should see me now
I'm almost vanishing, skin so thin I can see right through
Makes You more visible inside me, You rise as I bow
Fight for every breath and breathe only You

Nothing But Skin by Blindside

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Nothing But Skin Lyrics by Blindside