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Night Of The Wolf Lyrics - Equator

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Streets are full of rain
Lightning cracks the sky
Hear a lonely cry, eyes full of pain

Searchin' in the darkness
Eyes pierce the night
Calling for her young one
As she walks towards the light

It's the night of the wolf
Hear the cry of the wolf

Streets paved with gold
Night gives out a warning
There's thunder in her heart
And mother wolf is calling

Searchin' in the shadows
For the one she must save
She cries out a prayer
Like a song from beyond the grave

The bells will toll
No one will sleep tonight
While she alone will
Walk the streets tonight

Sun begins to rise
All the streets washed with rain
Still hear her cries
Eyes burnt with pain

Returning to the twilight
Betrayed by the night
Screaming for her young one
As she walks towards the light

Night Of The Wolf by Uriah Heep

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Night Of The Wolf Lyrics by Uriah Heep