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My Angel How Could You Lyrics - Dru World Order

This is dedicated to my real angel Ms. Joan I Milburn Green love you mommy

You taught me everything
In life Iíd need
Sometimes I felt you were
My everything
And if it were all left up to me
Youíd be right beside me
But youíre gone
Although I know
Youíre in a better place
So selfishly
I wish you couldíve stayed
How I long to hear you call my name
Lord give me the strength to carry on
And on
If you talk to my angelí
The one who carried me and gave me life
Could you tell her that I love her
And I canít wait to see her on the other side
Wooh [4xís]
Do Do Do Do Do
Rest in peace mommy
I love you

My Angel How Could You by Dru Hill

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My Angel How Could You Lyrics by Dru Hill