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Morbid Visions Lyrics - Morbid Visions

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The roman empire has crucified the messiah
The bestial power has sacrified your gods
Feared by his power, the cross he'll carry
And visions of destruction, this night you'll see

Crucified, killed, buried
Sacrificed messiah
Kneeled down, blood stained

The christians, today they still cry
But the bastards adore images
Remembrances from the past, from the crucifixion
Rotting christ, nailed to the cross
From the semen of the mankind
We'll spread our seed
And we'll show to the devoted
The truth, the painful truth

Cry preachers
Because your god has forgotten
The antichrist there is to prove
Death and destruction will still reign

Morbid Visions by Sepultura

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Morbid Visions Lyrics by Sepultura