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Melissa Lyrics - Unreleased

Melissa, i knew i just had to kiss ya
Heaven knows what i had in mind
When my eyes went blind
And you had to take me home
Because i could not find my way

Mimi, you make my glasses steamy
Heaven knows that i'll take a chance
On a girl from france
Just so long as we don't have to dance 'till dawn

Maybe baby i'm not so smart
But i know i'm not your brother
And the way you affect me
You needn't suspect me
Of falling in love with another

Daisy, your old man thinks i'm crazy
Heaven knows i used to go insane
When i heard your name
I knew what i was doin'
When i had my brain removed

Maybe baby i'm not so smart
I never claimed to be a thinker
But you gotta respect me
Cause the way you affect me
I'll never have to be a drinker

Bessie, my dreams of you are messy
Heaven knows i used to lie awake
And try to make my heart stop pounding
Long enough to take my rest

Melissa by Jackson Browne

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Melissa Lyrics by Jackson Browne