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Love Is Candi Lyrics - Bonafide

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Strange bizzare way to start a relationship
You got the hips to swing all tips
Ova your way, that's why i say oh
We're crazy set aside from the others
In your way, ooo
When i need someone downtown

You are down and baby
I'm so addicted to your drama
I've taken good advice straight from your mama
I got a woman satisfied, oh
And i'm down to pick your favorite flavor
To the candi store, i'll race ya
If you know what i mean (oh say it)

I better go to the candi store
I better have a sweet tooth
If i want some mo of yo fanny
My love is candi
My love is candi
'cause my love is candi, oh

Odd, so bugged out world that we both live in
But we're not dead, we gotta bed
So hey let's play baby
Candi lands where i got you ta understand
That i got your big surprise
Ooh close your eyes

Shorty, your fanny is so addicting
Makes my head spin round and round babe
Shorty, your fanny is so addicting
I want that candi, ooh yah

Love Is Candi by Jon B.

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Love Is Candi Lyrics by Jon B.