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Lost in your love Lyrics - Complete

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Lost In Your Love

I couldn't name the last three songs
Or what that last exit sign said
I guess I'm hypnotized by those little white lines
And tonight it's playin back in my head
And there's no way to concentrate on anything but you
And I don't know just where I'm goin
But all I wanna do is get...

Lost in your love
All mixed up
So completely turned around
You've got me in so deep
That I can't find my way out
But I know I found the place where I belong
When we touch I get lost in your love

I thought I had all the lines on the map picked out
To show me where to go
And I made up my mind, I was sure this time
I'd play it safe and take it slow
But now I'm flying up so high so fast I can't let go
The first time I stepped on this ride
I guess I should've known that I'd get...

Corus x2

I'm so lost in your love
I get lost in your love

Lost in your love by Lila Mccann

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Lost in your love Lyrics by Lila Mccann