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Looking For Christmas Lyrics - Looking For Christmas

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verse one

I'm looking for christmas, i've gotta find
Christmas, flying back in my mind
Does anyone know of this christmas, a long ago christmas
Sleigh bells ringing, carolers singing
Only bringing the long traveled message of love

Verse two

I'm looking for christmas, in time for this
Christmas, a day far and away
And could a star show me christmas,
The town of old christmas
Where truth is ringing, a virgin's
Bringing the newborn king and the
Lord's own messiah of love

Chorus one

And i close my eyes and i'm kneeling there in the stall,
And could i be the wine man, sharing his wisdom,
Creating a kingdom for all

Verse three

I'm looking for christmas, i know i'll find christmas
Imparted right from the start
And everyone knows of this christmas
The very first christmas
Where christ is guiding, all with tidings
Still his light is residing here in us all

Chorus two

And i close my eyes, and a thousand lifetimes recall
Aren't we all wise magi, sharing his wisdom,
Creating a kingdom
As born on this christmas and each christmas day
We are sharing his wisdom creating a kingdom
As born on this christmas and each
Christmas day that shall fall

Looking For Christmas by Clint Black

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Looking For Christmas Lyrics by Clint Black