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Little Rock Lyrics - Whoever's In New England

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(pat mcmanus, bob dipiero, gerry house)

Well i'm married to the good life
I said i'd be a good wife
When i put on this ring
I drive a new mercedes
I play tennis with the ladies
I buy all the finer things
But all that don't mean nothing
When you can't get a good night's loving

Oh little rock
Think i'm gonna have to slip you off
Take a chance tonight and untie the knot
There's more to life than what i've got
Oh little rock
You know this heart of mine just can't be bought
I'm gonna find someone who really cares a lot
When i slip off this little rock

Well i wonder if he'll miss me
He doesn't even kiss me
When he comes home at night
He never calls me honey
But he sure loves his money
And i'm the one who pays the price
But when he finds this ring he'll see
He keeps everything but me

Repeat chorus x2

Little Rock by Reba Mcentire

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Little Rock Lyrics by Reba Mcentire