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Like A Child Lyrics - Bering Strait

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1. Unconditionally isn't too much to ask;
Everything you give me you know I'm gonna give back;
I'm just bein' honest, I want all this.

CHO: So hold me like a lover, and love me like a child;
And when I'm inconsolable, oh just let me run wild;
I want to be the one, let there never be another;
So hold me like a lover, oh and love me like a child.

2. Baby I feel safe when I'm in your arms;
It's a peaceful place where I feel I belong;
And I'm not afraid to say I need you.


I'm a walkin' contradiction, it's the truth, it's not fiction;
But I don't think that it's too much to ask.

(CHORUS - Modulate to next key)

Hold me like a lover, oh and love me like a child.

Like A Child by Bering Strait

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Like A Child Lyrics by Bering Strait