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Lets Just Kiss Lyrics - To See You

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If we borrow words
They'll have to be returned
Keeping them would surely be remiss
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night
Let's just kiss

Intellect and thought
Are good enough for some
Why waste time with all there is to miss
In our quiet space
We'll babysit the moon
Let's just kiss

Nothing to erase
As the hour slows
Nothing to be judged or tried untrue
Handed us a case
What a case to close
It could take all night before we do

We won't have to try
Somehow we'll just know
A thousand years before us led to this
When we're finally through
We'll usher in the sun
Let's just kiss

Lets Just Kiss by Harry Connick, Jr.

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Lets Just Kiss Lyrics by Harry Connick, Jr.