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When i ask you if everything is alright
You whisper "don't worry" and you shut out the light
Now black is black in this bed we're laying
And i wanna believe the words that you're saying

But your eyes look like a leavin' train
They keep on dragging me down
Your eyes look like a leavin' train
They keep on draggin'
They keep on draggin'
They keep on draggin' me down

Well i did anything just to try to get close to you
I took it step by step like a man's supposed to
Tell me now, is this my
Is this my contrition
To have the love that i longed for fill me with suspicion


Now it's tellin' time, oh my little sister
Now can i believe the words, the words of love you whisper
Is my train in vain, has my soul gone to waste
Am i just a victim of, a victim of my lost faith


Leavin Train by Bruce Springsteen

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Leavin Train Lyrics by Bruce Springsteen