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Kept for Jesus Lyrics - Unknown

Oh, to be “Kept for Jesus!”
Kept, by the power of God;
Kept from the world unspotted,
Treading where Jesus trod.

Oh, to be “Kept for Jesus!”
Lord, at Thy feet I fall;
I would be “nothing, nothing, nothing”;
Thou shall be “all in all.”

Oh, to be “Kept for Jesus!”
Serving as He shall choose;
“Kept” for the Master?s pleasure;
“Kept” for the Master?s use.


Oh, to be “Kept for Jesus!”
Kept from the world apart;
Lowly in mind and spirit,
Gentle and pure in heart.


Oh, to be “Kept for Jesus!”
Oh, to be all His own;
Kept, to be His forever,
Kept, to be His alone!


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