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JEWEL SONG [Japanese Version]~ Underlined english line
Hey, do you remember? The two of us met
Time goes by, it's the same scent as the seasons
You're just like a light
You're my jewel
You started to smile at me

In the times we joked together, we also quarreled
I don't understand what love may be.

Yes, do you remember? You finally noticed me
Jewel in my heart
This feeling when I'm facing you

* If you gaze at me
It doesn't matter how I can probably express
I want to know those smiles, no matter how many
If I lose my way, if I'm bound
I'll overcome those times
Dreams come true
Every single day, you're an eternal glimmer

No, I can't forget you, there is no substitute
Dear my jewel, friends are like family

Dropping in on a cold morning, my white breath
believes in the thoughts I express

So, I can't forget you, it's a bit mysterious
Jewel in love, love is flowing

The unknown amount of time seems to wrap the two of us
Carrying an unlimited number of events
The gentle spring, dazzling summer, lonely autumn, winter, too
You who make me a promise
I'll sleep by your side


Forever jewel in my heart

Jewel Song translated by BoA

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