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Christ the redeemer towering high over rio
Rio de janeiro, rio
Where they held a summit to save the world
And to mark the time when development
As traditionally understood-had failed
And the affluent north raping the south
Investment from the north means
Economic bondage for the south
Under the burden of debt payments
I was with a whore in copenhagan
Drinking eight hundred dollars worth of
Champagne in kroner
She came from rio
We were trying to save the world
We did not get what we wanted
She wanted money--
She did not get what she wanted
I missed my wife--
I did not get what i wanted
Death sat on my lap
Death sits on all our laps
While christ the redeemer
Towers high over rio
Rio de janeiro. rio

Gordon gano: vocal, organo
Brian ritchie: upright bass
Guy hoffman: drums, pu-ili

Recorded and mixed by david vartanian at dv's perversion room, milwuakee, wi

gorno music reprinted with permission

Jesus Of Rio by Violent Femmes

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Jesus Of Rio Lyrics by Violent Femmes