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Japan Lyrics - Running On Ice

I saw a young man by a telephone
He was sitting alone in the rain
I said, "hey, young man what you doing here?"
He said, "sir, i'm going insane"

See i love an american beauty
But nobody here understands
So he looked to the sky with resentment in his eyes
And said, "lord, why am i in japan?"
Lord why am i in japan?

He told me a story about yesterday
How he walked in the search of a friend
But nobody came to his rescue
So he came to his bitter end

He pulled me close and said
"they all stopped and stared
As i walked down the street alone
And nobody knew my name
Nobody knew my name"

I said, "young man i know where you're going
And young man i know where you've been
But i've been in this land for a lifetime, it seems,
And i'm never to come back again
No, i'm never to come back again

So i turned and i gave him my blessing
And i left him alone in the rain
But i had to just stop and laugh at myself
Still nobody knows my name
Nobody knows my name

Japan by Vertical Horizon

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Japan Lyrics by Vertical Horizon