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Joey was a fighter
And he fought to dream
He said some day he would have a fancy car
And he'd leave tennessee

I was just a shy wallflower
Just a wide-eyed teenage girl
But maybe intrigue or just insanity
Made me want to enter joey's world

His touch made me feel beautiful
So much passion i lost my head

He was just like james dean in tennessee
He was a movie star
A young girl's dream
From what i hear he could never leave
But to me he'll always be
James dean in tennessee

He tried to smoke them cigarettes
And always made me laugh
He said i'd be his pick-up truck queen
And someday i'd be his better half

I left there a year ago
And i heard the rebel went bad
That he had just served time for a minor crime
And he was livin' with his old man

(repeat chorus)

I wonder what ol' joey thinks
When he hears me singing on the radio
Will he ever know that i loved him so
Sometimes we're meant to stay
Sometimes we're meant to go

(repeat chorus)

James Dean In Tennessee by Jessica Andrews

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James Dean In Tennessee Lyrics by Jessica Andrews