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Is It Really Love Lyrics - Behind The Scene

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(don scott hare, rita gannon)

They say that it's the same the whole world over
That love's the hardest thing to understand
I thought once in love my troubles would blow over
But it seems that's when the heartache just begins

And i remember when you first said that you love me
I tried not to let the words go to my head
The things you said you spoke so sincerely
Somewhere in between the lines of red

Is it really love
Is it really love
Or just my heart playing tricks on me
I fall so easily
Is my heart telling me
That i'm your fool
Or is it really love

This time love's got me feeling so uncertain
My heart's seen all the breaks that it can take
I can't tell you if this is just infatuation
Or another chance to learn from my mistakes

Repeat chorus

I'm a little bit leary
Of the love 'em and leave 'em behind kind
I'm just a little bit weary
Cause other lovers like messing with my mind
Oh all the time

Repeat chorus

Am i your fool
Or is it really love

Is It Really Love by Reba Mcentire

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Is It Really Love Lyrics by Reba Mcentire